Why Settle for 1 Date when you can have 15?



try a speed date



Speed Dates are Exciting and Fun, So How Does it Really Work?


Well, it's quite simple; you will be within a 'group' of equal Women and Men each armed with a name badge and comment card. 

Our lovely host will seat you at a table for two where you will date the person across from you for 5 minutes. We’ve found that 5 minutes is just long enough to find out if you'd like to see someone again but not too long if you don’t. During the event the women remain seated and the men rotate to the next table.

After the date you circle 'yes' if you liked the person or 'no' if you didn't. If you both circle a 'yes', you get each others contact information (first name and email address only) in an email the next day.

The event in itself is exciting, you get to make snap judgments on people (we're humans, we all love to judge and you know it) and you also get to meet a ton of interesting people you never would otherwise.


So, what makes us differ from on-line dating?


When you date on-line you pre-screen and scrutinize over little things, this persons profile looks awesome but oh-no, they watch way too much TV, it can never work. Speed Dating provides opportunities to meet people who are also looking for a date, but instead of learning everything about them upfront, you have a conversation and see if you get along.

This way you are not brushing anyone off for an interest they have that probably wouldn't even affect your relationship. Instead, you're getting a glimpse at whether or not you might actually enjoy their company. It's a win-win scenario and the most important thing to remember is not to take it too seriously. It's only a few hours of your life and you know you've spent more time just 'searching' for an eligible candidate to date.

Spend your time enjoying talking to new and interesting people rather than wondering whether or not each person you meet is your soul mate. Contrary to what you believe, you cannot tell that from 5 minutes and if it doesn't work out, no big deal, try again who knows what will happen. We do know for certain dating is a numbers game. The more dates you go on, the better chance you have of meeting someone relevant.


Are they any rules at Speed Date events?


Yes, to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening for everyone, there are a few rules you need to follow:


1. You are not allowed to ask anyone for his/her contact information. This includes their phone number, last name, e-mail address, business card and address. 

2. You are not allowed to ask anyone if they would like to have another date.

3. You are not allowed to ask sexually explicit questions, use lewd language, or say anything that might be interpreted as threatening or as sexual harassment. Please read the terms and conditions and remain polite and respectful.