Afraid of having a Bad Date?   We take the Stress out of Dating!


At Go->Date we believe flirtation is best done in real life, preferably over a glass of wine (or two).

Our events offer busy professionals a great way to meet new people in a fun, chic and relaxed environment. We realize our lives are busier than ever and it can be difficult or just plain scary to put yourself out there.


Worried you may not have an enjoyable night?

You're not alone and this is why Go->Date is here for you. We created a unique algorithm which takes into consideration your agerelationship goals, lifestylephysical preferences and culture to name a few, in order to 'match' the most compatible 'groups' of singles together. 


Our party planners use this algorithm to create unique speed dating and singles events for 'matched'  groups of singles - those who share common interests and relationship goals.


The majority of the people at our events will be selected based on our algorithm however we like to leave a little   wiggle room for fate or for those that  might not be on your "checklist". After all, we all know somebody who fell for the complete opposite of what  they were looking for. So let's break down how it works.  

Our Process in  5 Easy Steps

1. Head on over to the Sign up tab, define the profile of the person you want to meet and complete the short questionnaire. That's it! You are now a Go->Date Member.


2. Our unique algorithm will statistically match the most compatible 'groups' of singles together.


3. Our team of party planners put the plan into 'action' creating customized singles events.


4. Being a Go->Date member, you will receive an E-invitation and get a head start (typically 2 days) to purchase your ticket before it hits social media. Register for the event even before it is advertised and secure your spot!


5. And that's it! You will be booked for the 'advertised' event and are now ready to Go->Date!