Why do I need to submit a photo?

How many dates will I have? Only the team at Go Date will see your photo and questionnaire and it is an important part of our matching process. We will ask for ID at the event which also ensures the right person is attending. Your information and photo will be kept private and will not be shared or redistributed.

How many dates will I have?

Dating is a numbers game, the more dates you go on, the better chance you have of meeting someone. With speed dating you will have up tp 25 five minuit dates in one night. Click here for a detailed explanation of how our speed dating events work.

How long does each date last?

Each speed date will last 5 minutes. We’ve found that 5 minutes is just long enough to find out if you'd like to see someone again but not too long if you don’t.

What is a speed dating match?

When two people mutually express interest in each other by selecting “Yes” or Friend” on their scorecards it is considered a “Match”.

If I selected “Yes” on my scorecard and my date selected “Friend”, is it a match?

Yes, the only time it is not a Match is when “No” is selected.

How will I know if I have any matches?

An email will be sent 24 hours after the event with a list of the people you received a “Yes” match with and a list of the people you received a “Friend” match with.

What information is given to my matches?

The only information we provide to your matches is your first name and email address.

Can I get the details of somebody that did not choose me as a match?

No, in respect of our guests privacy, details are only provided when a mutual match is made.

What is your cancelation / refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds. Once your ticket is purchased, all sales are final. Should we have to cancel an event for any reason outside of our control, a credit will be issued and can be redeemed against any of our events.

Is it safe to meet people at an event?

Please apply the same level of caution when meeting a guest that you would use when meeting any new acquaintance.

How should I dress?

There is no dress code but keep in mind you are trying to make a good impression on those you meet.

I'm just outside of the age range. Can I still come?

Most people that attend are within the specified age range but if you are a little outside it’s not a problem. We ask you to bear in mind that the guests attending the events will be expecting to meet people within the specified age range.

Can I pay at the door?

Since we make every effort to ensure a equal number of males and females in advance of our events, we do not accept payment at the door.

How long do the events last?

Our events last around 2 1/2 hours, this includes a break and refreshments. After the event most guests stick around to enjoy the music, have a drink and get to know the people they liked a little better.

Where do the events take place?

Our events are held in stylish chic venues throughout the city known for their great locations, service and ambiance.

Will there be equal numbers of males and females?

Our events are popular so on most occasions we’re able to get an equal male / female ratio. There’s always plenty of people to meet and most events sell out.

What kind of people will I meet at your events?

Our events attract fun and professional singles from across the city.